FBI Agent Provocateur Charles Johnson Issued ‘Cease And Desist Order’ From Colorado Agency

by Mark Smiley

The phony private investigator from Tennessee, Charles Johnson, who apparently works in some capacity for the Denver Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was issued a formal Cease and Desist Order from Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies prohibiting him from engaging in certain illegal actions in Colorado. The Order is seen as a slap in the face of the Denver FBI who apparently hired him to harass individuals who had been given negative comments in local newspapers about Mohammad Ali Kheirkhahi and M.A.K. Investments LLC (M.A.K.) regarding their plans to build a skyscraper high-density apartment house on Colorado Boulevard.

Johnson was charged with a crime of attempting to act as a private investigator in Colorado without a license. At the time of his arrest Johnson was caught with current driver’s licenses from three different states which could be subject to potential additional criminal charges along with various other complaints of criminal harassment, including one from Glendale’s City Clerk whose apartment complex Johnson attempted to gain access to.

It was widely assumed that Johnson worked for Kheirkhahi, M.A.K. or their agents. He told the Glendale Police that he was working for an “individual female writer/journalist in the area” who he refused to disclose. The description appeared to fit M.A.K. advocate Jeanne Price, but she adamantly denied she had hired him as did M.A.K. Shockingly the Denver FBI, prior to Johnson’s first court appearance, demanded that Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler dismiss all charges and quash all warrants against Johnson for “reasons that could not be disclosed.”

D.A. Brauchler refused to do so unless given a letter on FBI letterhead signed by the Agent in Charge of the Denver Office Thomas P. Ravenelle. Brauchler quickly made the letter public by attaching it to the “Motion to Quash Outstanding Warrants” and the letter was published in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle’s June 2016 edition to the apparent consternation of Ravenelle. The Denver FBI has a badly tarnished reputation in Colorado concerning its use of agent provocateurs engaging in criminal conduct while under the office’s pay control, including Scott Lee Kimball who tortured and murdered as many as 17 women in Colorado.

Ravenelle already had a lurid public persona as the result of a civil case against FBI Director James Comey for gross sexual misconduct and harassment by Ravenelle and others filed by female FBI agent Danielle Marks. Ravenelle was removed from his position as Agent in Charge in Denver and given a clerical job in Washington, D.C., in July of last year. FBI head Comey himself is under Department of Justice investigation concerning his role in allegedly unlawfully interfering in the 2016 Presidential Election.

DORA was apparently not cowed by the FBI claims of immunity for criminal state actions in Colorado and the State Director defiantly issued the Cease and Desist Order notwithstanding any pressure the FBI may have brought to bear. The FBI refused to answer whether it would in fact obey the DORA order and cause its employee and/ or contractor Johnson to follow the laws of the State of Colorado regarding its licensing provisions or otherwise.

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