“Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people” — Heinrich Heine

All across America today, and no longer just contained on colleges and campuses, spread the new Brown Shirts, the politically correct.

Book burning began in Germany in April of 1933. The Brown Shirts of the “German Student Union” proclaimed a nationwide “action against the un-German spirit.” It was called a cleansing to rid Germany of ideas that did not follow the party line. They had to attack intellectualism and rid libraries and schools and people’s homes of what they dubbed “un-German books and ideas.”

And now jump ahead in time. Books are ideas. Books are people’s voices. Campus protesters, pussy-hatters, Black Lives Matter chapters, anarchists, anti-Trumpers, progressives, and Democrats have formed a coalition in this country to stop free thought, boycott stores, silence ideas and speakers and shout people down. Public school voices are silenced, people are shoved and shouted at and beaten simply for wearing the wrong t-shirt or baseball hat. The questions are how many times has this happened before and how did it all end.

On major universities today when you need police officers to escort people to a stage, you now know that free speech is under attack. People now have chosen to be silent for their fear of reprisal. These attacks are very real, not the “Reischstag Fire” like self -inflicted attacks of the politically correct — remember Tom Tancredo has offered a reward of $1,000 to anyone who can solve or arrest these “hate crimes” that readily appear in The Denver Post. Don’t you find it interesting that no one has ever been arrested for these alleged crimes?

The Nazis would stand outside of shops and stores that they would claim were owned by Jews or stores that would carry merchandise that the Nazis would claim was manufactured by Jews and tell good Germans not to go in. Now, look at the stores: Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Home Shopping Network and Burlington Coat Factory will no longer carry merchandise associated with certain individuals or groups. Are you starting to see the repetitive pattern?

Students in Elizabethtown College, in a campaign launched by the Elizabethtown College Democrats, are urging people to wear white puzzle-piece-shaped pins to remind them of their white privilege. Once again we cross back in time, Jews wore yellow Star of David arm bands — and in some Muslim countries are required to this day wear a yellow strip of cloth, homosexuals wore pink triangles, and political prisoners wore a red bar over his or her star or triangle arm bands.

Jewish shops were marked with distinctive signs, Jews wore badges and I think you can see what we are beginning to witness, the repetitiveness of history.

This may be a naïve question, but exactly how did the Nazis know who was or who wasn’t Jewish when they began the roundups? Regardless of language and last names or jobs performed or even documentation, the real crime was always the blood.

One of the most amazing things that has happened recently is State Senator Joe Salazar, State Representative District 31, accusing fellow State Representative Dave Williams as a “half Latino” as a pejorative term. The equivalent of pointing and screaming “he is trying to pass as a German” but he is not one of us. Williams’ crime is he is the sponsor of the Colorado Politician Accountability Act. It will allow victims of illegal aliens to sue public officials on civil and criminal grounds for crimes committed in sanctuary cities and states. Representative Salazar, who himself very well may be sued for his political actions if this bill becomes a law, attacks a man for the age old “blood taint.”

As an aside, this really is no different than the Federal Law JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) that allows victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudi Arabians. But we have been over that before. So maybe the Brownstein law firm can receive funds to help shut down the Colorado Accountability Act.

A smart man once said history doesn’t just repeat itself, it rhymes. The politics of the politically correct are alive today in North Korea, Cuba, ISIS, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. These people, like the politically correct in our country, would stop your First Amendment right to speak, read and listen to ideas, ideology and philosophy that they deem not politically correct. Remember, words mean what they say words mean, not what you think words mean. Be aware — be very aware.

— Peter

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