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The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle and the morning shows on 710 KNUS seem to be the only two media outlets where the truth can be told about the corrupt Bush administration and the offices of the Governor of Colorado, the Mayor of Colorado Springs and now seemingly a lot of current Republican and Democrat office holders who supported John Suthers to be head of the FBI.

In spite of enormous outcry from a number of political hacks, we will continue writing about the corruption the Saudi Arabians have visited on the state of Colorado, media outlets, major law firms and influence peddlers. (See the Miller Hudson Letter in this month’s “We Get Letters...”)

Once more let me take you back in time. John Suthers was the Attorney General for the State of Colorado when Republican then-Governor and Bush supporter Bill Owens sent him to Saudi Arabia. That was in 2006. There he visited King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan and the Homaidan Al Turki family (terrorist sex criminal) in an attempt to clear up misconceptions about the U.S. criminal system and ease their minds on whether their boy had been treated fairly. An Arapahoe County jury convicted Al-Turki after he was accused of keeping a foreign woman as a sex slave in his basement. John Suthers went there, we now know, in spite of Bill Owens’ phone call to me claiming he sent Suthers on his own… that it was actually at the request of the U.S. Ambassador in Saudi Arabia who apparently had the State Department contact Governor Owens.

To the best of my knowledge, in spite of Suthers saying Abdullah wanted to pay for the trip, American taxpayers sponsored and paid for that trip through the United States State Department.

It’s been years since that occurred. But powerful emotions in Saudi Arabia remain. (See picture above from Saudi Arabia demanding Al Turki’s release — this continues to be an extremely hot button issue in the Saudi world.)

I found on March 26, 2009, Bush appointee Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, urged Americans to review the topic. According to a public statement Skeletor said “The Saudi people sympathize with Homaidan Al Turki and they closely follow this case.” It appears again that everybody in the Republican Party seems to go in the tank with these people.

So as I was saying, in doing research the Saudi Ambassador at the time was Robert W. Jordan. What makes Ambassador Jordan interesting is he appears to be like the other operatives in this case. I believe he made the request to the State Department and on to Bill Owens. You would want to know who Jordan is.

In the words of Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise!” He’s a lawyer in the law firm of Jim Baker who was George H.W. Bush’s Chief of Staff. Baker brought in Jordan, and dig this: In the early 1990s Jordan represented George W. Bush in an investigation by the SEC into possible inside trading and Timmy Smothers’ sale of stock in Harken Energy. In 2001 Bush becomes president, and he sends Jordan  to Saudi Arabia as the U.S. Ambassador.

Does anything shock you people anymore?

Now here comes the fun stuff. Guess who gets propped up to replace Comey-dog, the fired head of the FBI? That’s right. Headline in The Denver Post reads “Colorado’s John Suthers makes Donald Trump’s list of possible James Comey replacements.” According to The Denver Post (soon moving to Adams County) apparently Suthers was on a list of 11 names to replace Comey — damn.

What’s even more laughable is the support he has received. According to Channel 7 News and The Denver Post it was Sen. Cory Gardner who made the recommendation to the White House. Cory, Cory, Cory. What part of this don’t you understand? Whoops? Maybe you totally do.

But all I can tell you according to Colorado politics, Suthers also received endorsements from former governor Owens, and Hickenlooper and current AG Cynthia Coffman. Moreover, Phil Anschutz’s newspaper the Colorado Springs Gazette wrote an editorial titled “John Suthers would be a good choice for the FBI.” They lead it with “it’s simultaneously exciting and troubling to learn about Colorado Springs Mayor on Donald Trump’s short list to replace James Comey who was fired by the FBI.” What??

I don’t know about you guys but in our last column, Norm of Arabia Part One, we had over 5,000 views and nasty letters and even phone calls from people in the Democratic Party.

I’m a huge believer in the saying of Freddie Nietzsche, “You’re not known by your friends, you are known by your enemies. Tell me who doesn’t like you, I will tell you who you are.” Bring it on.

— Peter Boyles

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