Sex, Lies And Videotape

December 2016 I wrote here in the Chronicle a column titled “Brandon Marshall Stands Up, Brownstein-Farber Takes A Knee.” I talked about the overwhelming amount of lies Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall told about what happened to him in Miami a year ago last summer. How, if memory serves me well, five cops jumped him, a Taser placed on his chest, the handcuffs put on him, placed in the back of a police car, driven somewhere, brought back where he was finally told, “If you don’t say anything we won’t say anything.” And that dear reader was the reason why Brandon Marshall says he took a knee.

The Denver Post is celebrating 125 years of being in the newspaper business. I think it’s more like 115 because they’ve been mailing this baby in for the last 10.

A couple of weekends ago The Denver Post, as hard as it to imagine, literally outdid itself in attempting to scam the Mile High City. Nicki Jhabvala known on our 710 KNUS radio as Nicki “Jambalaya” did a piece along with other hard-hitting Denver media representatives, with above said Brandon Marshall as he explained why he continues to do the clenched fist and other versions of taking a knee. Only this time the Miami fight with the law never comes up. Fascinated? Not one of those hard-hitting media members dared ask Brandon, “Hey man, the last time you talked to us you told us the cops did stuff to you in Florida. Why has that reason disappeared?” Are they just afraid? Misinformed? Hells bells, Nicki did the original story a year ago about the adventures of Brandon Marshall in Florida. I guess like some New York mobster on trial these gatekeepers of the truth have conveniently forgotten.

But The Denver Post gets worse. In their lead editorial October 13 of this year written by the entire Denver Post Editorial Board they go after Denver Police Corporal Zachery Phillips. Now here is the first sentence of that editorial and I quote… “Something is wrong when investigators can determine it is more likely than not that a Denver police officer paid a known prostitute for sex and lied about it and the officer keeps his job…”

Now substitute “Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.” If you all recall when Councilman/Mayor-Elect Hancock was visiting the working girls at Denver Players and Sugar, we had the call sheets. Some of the soiled doves ID’d his photo and The Denver Post and the Brownstein law firm offered him total protection.

Now they’re upset that Corporal Phillip paid for sex. Damn.

My next example of a great 115 years is George Lopez, booed off the stage after Trump jokes flop at a recent Denver gala. Now you would think that’s a huge deal, telling wealthy donors that they have white privilege and his opinion of old white men. Classy. But other than reading it in the New York papers it appeared six paragraphs in in the Post society column by Joanne Davidson.

Now flip it. George Lopez attacks Trump and gets a standing ovation. Sports fans that’s front page.

So why do you think nobody in the Denver media covered George Lopez? And as he has done many times Ed Greene Channel 4 Weatherman and KOA Radio anchor comes in for the save. I wonder if George cashed the check?

So there we have it folks. What do these three things have in common? Brandon Marshall, George Lopez and The Denver Post Editorial Board? Sex, lies and videotape. Or is there any way Norm and Steve can sleaze a dollar out of this deal?

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