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A Father’s Wild Ride Through The Magic Kingdom

by Mark Smiley A father in modern secular America has relatively few sacred duties, but there is one task he must perform. That obligation is taking his family on a hajj to one of the twin Meccas of material consumption, Disneyland and Disneyworld, before his children reach adolescence. Cost can be no impediment as it…
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Boulevard One Work Underway; Less Parking, Increased Heights Okayed

Initial work — grading, installation of water mains, storm water, sanitary sewers and construction of new roads — is underway at Boulevard One, the Lowry neighborhood under development that was once the tail end of the historic Runway One at the former Lowry Air Force Base. Work was barely started when the Lowry Redevelopment Authority…
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Why Didn’t Someone Warn Me Parenting Was Hard?

  The best job I’ve ever had and ever will have is being a dad. I can insert hardest, most rewarding, most fun, exciting, before the word “job” in the previous sentence. We’re lucky. Our two sons are healthy, energetic (OK toddler app is energetic, baby app is only two-months-old) and very loving. Yet, there…
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