Is It Possible That Apple Is A Chronicle Reader?

by Brian Zabroski Is it possible Apple reads the Chronicle? Maybe my column? I apologize in advance. Studies show reading this column on a regular basis may result in reduced brain cells. Maybe that explains a few things… hmmm. Apple announced two recalls in August: One, to replace the wake/sleep iPhone5 button. Check out the…
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Could You Be Loved?

So you’re putting yourself out there and you’re dating, congrats. But let me ask you, if the perfect person for you presented themself to you would you even know it? Would you be ready to love and be loved? Would you even know what love is or how to nurture it in a healthy, positive…
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Denver City Council Finally Finds Its Voice

The Denver City Council was once a political body that the news media in Denver, including newspapers and television stations, regularly covered. John Hickenlooper’s rise to the office of mayor changed all of that. His approval ratings stayed well into the 70s for his entire two terms in office and that cowered many City Council…
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The Denver Media Triple Bank Shot

Years ago as a young man in the radio business, I had the ultimate pleasure of working for one of the most gifted general managers I ever knew. His name was Joe Ryan (another Irishman in radio — who knew?) He came up with the concept and idea that’s driven me through the rest of…
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