Attorney General Throws Lowry Vista And IRG Into Turmoil

Highly Controversial Development May Yet Fail: Neighborhood Groups Rally Johnson Admits To Rigged ‘Courtesy Zoning’ On Lowry Vista by Glen Richardson Amemorandum dated November 15, 2013 by Assistant Attorney General for Colorado Jennifer Robbins has thrown the entire massive Lowry Vista development into doubt. Eight years ago International Risk Group (IRG) got the City of…
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Will Colorado Actually Outlaw The Photo Radar Scam?

There is probably no more obvious municipal government rip-off than the photo radar and red light camera program run in Denver, Aurora, and seven other cities in Colorado. Its ostensible purpose is so-called “public safety” but everyone knows that its real purpose is a way for municipalities to pick the pockets of its citizenry. State…
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Ambassador Level Volunteers Take Raptors To New Heights

by Eiden Hughes Writer for and on behalf of the City of Glendale The 2014 Raptors in the Community Program is underway and already connecting members of the Raptors organization to the Greater Metro Denver Area. Giving back to the community is one of the club’s core values. In past years, volunteers from both men’s…
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Can Denver’s Neighborhoods Take Back City Hall? Denver has been described as a city of neighborhoods. It has 78 recognized neighborhoods and many more registered neighborhood associations. There is even an umbrella organization called INC (Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation). Because candidates when running for City Council court and are always deferential to neighborhood associations, many everyday citizens…
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