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Norm Of Arabia

Saudi Arabian wealth has many surrogates in the state of Colorado. The powerful shadow and overreach of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into the offices of power and influence in Colorado grows daily. Its tentacles reach into former Governor Bill Owens, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, Governor John Hickenlooper, attorney Hal Haddon, attorney Jack Finlaw,…
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Resist The Resistance

In reading about Donald Trump in the mainstream media, I do not believe there has been a concerted effort to destroy anyone since after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. From Target Tokyo to Target Donald Trump. The Left, the Democrats, the politically correct, the media, corporate sports, Hollywood and the music business…
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The Only True Sport Left

As a little guy growing up with black and white television in Pittsburgh, I always thought the greatest thing on TV was professional wrestling. Today, as an old guy, I believe the greatest thing on TV is still professional wrestling. I know all the news that I get — like Archie Bunker — comes from…
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