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An Open Letter To Annabel Bowlen

Dear Annabel, If I may be presumptuous — Like most of the Front Range we’re currently watching your son John pull a series of minor and major league criminal activities predicated on his abundant use of alcohol and controlled substances. When I read The Denver Broncos websites, you people are great champions of raising funds…
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Approaching 9/11

NEXT MONTH will mark 16 years since the Pearl Harbor event of our lifetime — the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the aborted flight that crashed in central Pennsylvania, What has happened in the aftermath? Since that terrible day, the United States, under three presidents, has found itself locked in war…
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Terry Frei Died For Your Sins

I recently returned from one of the greatest trips I’ve been lucky enough to take. I was in Europe and on Normandy Beach on June 6, the anniversary of the Allies coming ashore. The day that I left, The Denver Post announced that it had terminated a good friend of mine, Terry Frei. He was…
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As I Was Saying . . . The Beat Goes On

The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle and the morning shows on 710 KNUS seem to be the only two media outlets where the truth can be told about the corrupt Bush administration and the offices of the Governor of Colorado, the Mayor of Colorado Springs and now seemingly a lot of current Republican and Democrat office…
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