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The 11th Commandment

The 11th Commandment: ‘Thou Shall Turn Off Thy Cell Phone’ by Danny Foster, Esq. One of the rites of passage for most Jewish teenagers is when they become Bar Mitzvah (boy) or Bat Mitzvah (girl). It’s a formal entry into adulthood in the Jewish community, even if the teenager is only 13-years-old. I guess way…
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Two-Hour Signs Disappear; Hilltop Wants Them Back

  by Ruthy Wexler Early in the morning of October 19, Hilltop resident Denise Gibbons observed city workers removing the 2-hour parking limit signs from her street. Alerted, neighbor Joanne Davidson dashed out to inspect the 500 blocks of Albion, Ash, Bellaire and Birch, only to discover that every single 2-hour parking limit sign was…
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Comfortably Numb

by Amy Springer Once upon a time, oh who am I kidding, on a beautiful Sunday this October, we were in Indio, California, to attend the Desert Trip festival, or as it is more poignantly known, “Oldchella.” Oldchella is, essentially, a three-day music festival for old people, with performances by the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney,…
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