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Dating Season

The sun is out, the laundry is coming off and hormones are flowing like a spring runoff from the glorious Rockies. In my last column, “Secret Fishing Holes,” I wrote about places where you can find single women who are ready to be reeled in by the guy who is aware of how to use…
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Confessions Of A Serial Dater

Secret Fishing Holes Unlike the avid outdoorsman who is reluctant to give up his secret fishing spot where he’s discovered the fish are abundant and there are no other fishermen around to snag his prize or scare other potential fish away from his hook, I am happy to offer you guys my surefire sweet spots…
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Confessions of a Serial Dater

Why Do I Date? Why do I date? Well obviously I’m a single, red blooded American male and of course I want to date. I mean after all, a man’s gotta eat, right? But why do I date? Does anyone else ask themselves this question or am I alone on this one? Just like Family…
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Greg Hollenback Confessions of a Serial Dater

Confessions Of A Serial Dater Sheik Of Cherry Creek Greg Hollenback Beware Of Cruella de Vil This Year! Sheik! I have recently started dating again and I am getting eaten alive out there by single, mean, selfish, middle aged, booze swilling women who want to punish me for their past relationships. They are correct when…
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