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April: A Slice Of American Pie

“A gush of bird-song, a patter of dew, a cloud, and a rainbow’s warning, suddenly sunshine and perfect blue, all of a sudden it’s April.” Okay, we know this isn’t Paris, but our tiny space on the planet is one of a half-dozen spots considered Paris of the West. Joyful, refreshing and magnificent, this month…
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Make March Memorable

Ah March is finally here! Albeit we enjoyed an unusually mild February, March conjures thoughts of spring and warmer days, with the spring equinox just three weeks away. As the season begins changing think of ways to make this month meaningful and thus all the more memorable. From Latin, memorable was first used in the…
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February: A Stormy, Swooning Affair

“If music be the food of love, play on,” Shakespeare wrote. February is the month of love and romance with swooning ballads and contemporary pop songs to help us build a dream. Every self-respecting music fan — and that’s most of us — are plugged into high fidelity soundtracks. Thus snow, music and love become…
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Riding High In January

  Saddle up: It’s time to put on those spurs and get back in the saddle again. The New Year means we’ve got to tighten the cinch and ride cautiously back into winter. Whether your steed is a vehicle or horse it’s best to accelerate and decelerate slowly or there will be hoof prints detouring…
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