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Fall Fads, Fun And Food

Hot, chic, typical, crazy, outrageous, amazing, innovative or tacky, fads and trends come and go and are the bookmarks of a certain time. As the hot weather slowly comes to a halt we’re feeling a bit contemplative about where to go and what to do. But autumn will fly by in a flash so take…
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Peachy-Keen August Scene

Gee whiz it’s August already. Isn’t that just peachy-keen? That’s the Valley’s summer idiom for super duper and hunky dory! For residents it is the hey-day time of year full of joy, harmony and the taste of peaches. In addition to being the season when laziness finally finds respectability it also just happens to be…
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Shine On: Swing Into Summer

Oh, the simple joys of summer: It’s the season when we walk barefoot in the grass; we watch kids run through sprinklers and throw themselves with abandon onto Slip-and-Slides; and we wear straw hats, t-shirts, sundresses and sandals while eating ice cream. Our gloomy weather had us always saying, “Oh, heaven let your sun shine…
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March To The June Bug Beat

This may be coming from left field but then this is the time of year when we like to march to the beat of a different drum. With warm weather finally upon us our thoughts turn to creatures that symbolize the sights and sounds of summer including those creepy-crawly June bugs that come out in…
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