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A Mint Magic Season Shift

Mint is one of the first greens to arrive in spring and one of the last to depart at summer’s end. Its magic secret: It makes us feel good. Its exuberant freshness elevates our mood, boosts our alertness and motivates us while soothing frazzled nerves. Yes, the flowers of summer are beginning to droop and…
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Flowers Engage Us In Summer

Every month, but especially during the summer, flowers add enjoyment and meaning to our lives and community. Across cultures and time they speak a universal language of enjoyment, respect, appreciation and love. They articulate our underlying need to reach out, to bond, and to express compassion, concern and understanding. This is the 50th anniversary of…
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A Splash Of Patriotic Spirit

Take Ten: Simmer down, settle back and take time out to unwind. July is a noisy time, when fireworks and new life are bursting forth and birds chirp and sing. Enjoy the glorious roar of fireworks along with summer thunderstorms. To rephrase Katy Perry, you gotta ignite the light and let it shine. Just own…
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Seize Summer: Joyous June Is Here!

“Good morning, sunshine,” said the morning moon as she opened the window to greet the day. After our late May snowstorm we’re truly ready to start feeling like winter is over and done for another year. The beginning of this month is the breezeway to summer and you can feel the sun’s rays as you…
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