Resist The Resistance

In reading about Donald Trump in the mainstream media, I do not believe there has been a concerted effort to destroy anyone since after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

From Target Tokyo to Target Donald Trump. The Left, the Democrats, the politically correct, the media, corporate sports, Hollywood and the music business have proven themselves to be parties of violence, chaos, destruction and hate. They have no ethics, honor, integrity, values, morals, compassion, and no respect for anyone who would hold an opposing view.

Democrat representative Maxine Waters called Trump’s Cabinet a “bunch of scumbags.” Madonna has “thought a lot about blowing up the White House.” Black Lives has screamed “to start killing people. “Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, told the anti-Trumpers “to fight in the streets.” A woman stand-up comedian even called Donald Trump’s son Barron “a rapist and a homeschool shooter.”

The battle cry of the Résistance is make America ungovernable. A group that I talk about on the radio show titled “Refuse Facism” cried out “we need to do what the German people did when Hitler was elected.” — What a grasp of history — Hitler never won an election. That aside, there is the emergence of what is being called the “Deep State.” I personally believe the Deep State exists. Led by the Republican establishment (b/t/w, do you think anyone with the last name of Bush voted for Trump) and all of the above mentioned. Presidential politics and ethics seem to demand that when leaving office presidents leave Washington, D.C. Examples like Harry Truman goes back to Missouri, Jimmy Carter goes back to the peanut farm, Ronald Reagan to California, and even Tommy Smothers went back to his ranch in Waco, Texas.

But the man I believe who is the head of the Deep State literally moves across the street and his closest aide, Valerie Jarett, moved in with him and the Mrs. We once knew this as the “sportsman’s double.” The Obamas act as though they are the Romanoffs waiting to return. All you must do is read anything in The Denver Post, watch any local news outlet, or turn on any nonsense on CNN, or for that matter any national news outlet, and all you will get is what a horrible person Donald Trump is. So, to all the under 25s, who seem to still live with your parents, unemployed without getting a job, thinking they are badasses because they mastered a video game, all want to blame Donald Trump for what has happened to them.

Adding insult to historic injury, these buffoons have decided to call themselves the “Resistance.” That was the name given to the French Marquis, the Norwegian Underground, and the Ukrainian Partisans who fought the invading Nazis. What an insult to their bravery and their souls. These little twits risk nothing and claim the mantle of brave men and women who gave it their all.

No one in big media seems to want to shame them for seizing that title. I just did. Shame on you little creeps for daring to claim that brave name. You won’t see many Trump supporters in the streets wearing goofy hats and screaming filthy epitaphs at people who watch them. Trump supporters seem to be getting their kids and grandkids ready for swim team, soccer practice, music lessons, working hard at work, trying to pay all their bills and hoping that somehow the guy that is fixing their car isn’t going to tell them that they need a new fuel pump.

Ask yourself this question, if Hillary had won, do you think that that auto-mechanic, the man who comes to fix your cable system, the guy who is getting ready to do your tax return, your uncle the truck driver, or any other man or woman up and down the Front Range who bust their hump every day to keep the dream alive would be out marching in the streets on a warm, spring day screaming horrible things about Hillary Clinton? Or substitute anything said about Trump and apply it to Barack Obama. Those words would never be said and no idiots in masks would be smashing Starbucks’ windows.

History is repetitive. No one watches television news, nobody reads the papers, no one cares about some snowflake on a college campus, but what this does lead to is nothing more than a second term of Donald Trump. Deal with it.

— Peter

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