A Tale Of Two Cities And The Blood Of Those Cities

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of foolishness, it was the age of wisdom . . . . Where have you intellectuals read that before?

Before I talk about why the North Koreans are leery of the United States I’d like to tip my hat to Harvey Steinberg and Annabel Bowlen, what a great job you two. Harvey found a loophole, a screw up by Arapahoe County on John boy’s crime spree. Harvey drove the Mercedes through it. You sure showed them but remember this dear reader, we are all gonna see John Bowlen again. There are only three places guys like me and John Bowlen end up, an institution — prison or hospital, a morgue slab or sober. Annabel make a choice for your son.

Next and far more importantly North Korea, Donald Trump and George Bush. Sweeping.

Believe me when I tell you that you are being sold a war by Donald Trump, mainstream media intellectuals, lightweight radio talk show hosts, ridiculous elected officials and the collective pinheads who pass off as opinion makers in our country.

Let me take you back in time. George Bush’s doctrine expression was the “axis of evil.” It was used by George Bush in his 2002 State of Union speech and whole- heartedly adopted by the “Dark Lord” Vice

President Dick Cheney. And who, you may ask, were those three nations who comprised the “axis of evil?” That’s right. Iran, Iraq and North Korea. George insisted the existence of these regimes was life threatening to the U.S. Rulers in Pyongyang, Tehran, and Baghdad were put on notice. Bush and Cheney lie and invade Iraq, leaving total destruction, over a million people dead and, as we speak, absolutely no outcome.

Now if you’re North Korea or the mullahs, they now know that Bush is willing to invade based on lies. Ask yourself this: In your neighborhood there’s a guy four doors down who says he’s going to destroy you, your neighbor up the street and the guy at the end of the block. Sure as hell your neighbor gets it. What do you do

next? You gun up. You put everybody on alert. You can trace back the mullahs and the No-Kos beginnings for questing a nuclear deterrent because of George Bush telling them they’re on the list.

I’ve been reading a lot about what life is like in North Korea.

Imagine American child labor before the turn of the 20th century; a child is considered literate when he can spell Kim’s name. There are no windows in houses. People have eaten bark on trees. Underwear and medicines are impossible to find. Elevators don’t work. Toilets don’t flush without buckets. Stores use candles for lighting.

Who are you going to kill and why? These people struggle to feed themselves once or twice a day. Monsters are created, rarely born. And you want to know something really rotten? How many people have the North Koreans killed testing weapons and shooting rockets? I hate to say this but to the best of my knowledge the answer is zero. How many people have died since George Bush launched his invasions? It is over a million. What will be the cost of this newest escapade? How many more young American lives will be destroyed? Please, before we begin another war, stop and think. The only way to win this is not to play.

Put the gun down and back away from Kim. He then will have no enemies that he can use to escalate and further manipulate his own people. For once just put the sword back in the scabbard, walk off the field and go home to your families.

P.S.: Take John Bowlen with you.


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