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Will My Healthcare Premium Increase In 2018?

[caption id="attachment_4125" align="alignright" width="360"] Shideh Kerman, BS, MBA[/caption] by Shideh Kerman, BS, MBA AFC Urgent Care Denver Analysis released by the Kaiser Family Foundation in August found that most proposed healthcare premiums in different states that participated in the study show an increase in premiums for 2018. The research looked at proposed premiums across major…
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On Retainer: Your In-House Counsel

by Daniel Foster, Esq. and Michael Gates, Esq. Small and mid-size business owners beware, you are in the crosshairs. After the changes in Colorado law in January 2015 opening the door to discrimination suits against employers with fewer than 15 employees, the number of claims being filed by employees against their employers has skyrocketed. Filing…
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Crouching Tiger – Sketchy Dog?

by Amy Springer In a lot of ways, many mornings it feels as if our fine country has lost its collective mind. Between the name calling, the satirical “beheading” of the president (which was about as unfunny as the caricatures of Obama being lynched) and the Chinese Fire Drill at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it has…
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The Soul Of The Craft Beer

by Casey Bloyer If you haven’t noticed, craft beer is a big thing in Colorado, and the nation. You may be new to this movement, or you might be a longtime connoisseur of craft beer, or could care less about it all together. What you probably don’t know is that there is battle going on…
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