Shine On: Swing Into Summer

Oh, the simple joys of summer: It’s the season when we walk barefoot in the grass; we watch kids run through sprinklers and throw themselves with abandon onto Slip-and-Slides; and we wear straw hats, t-shirts, sundresses and sandals while eating ice cream. Our gloomy weather had us always saying, “Oh, heaven let your sun shine…
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Should You Place Personal Data On Your Work Computer?

I’m a technology mess. There was a time last month that there were six computers on my desk. There was Mrs. App’s work laptop, two work laptops for me and three computers that we’ve used at some point over the past six years personally. I didn’t realize I had an issue until I switched jobs.…
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Flipping The Switch

Ok guys, the last two articles that I wrote were to help you not only find quality women but also how to be ready when dating them. Well now it’s July and you should be in full dating swing with plenty of options in your rotation so when fall and nesting season comes around you…
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